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Folder Weekly Newsletter (2 Files)
Download Weekly Newsletter for the week ending April 29
Download Weekly Newsletter for the week ending May 6
Folder Monthly Calendar (2 Files)
Download April 2017
Download May_2017.pdf
Folder Public Notices (12 Files)
Download 504 Public Notice
Download Federal Programs
Download IDEA Part B Procedural Safeguards Notice
Download IDEA Public Notice and Surrogate Parent Program
Download NCLB Complaint Procedures
Download Parent Bill of Rights
Download Parent Information and Resource Center
Download Parent`s Right to Know
Download Public Funded Porgram
Download Public School Choice
Download Reimbursable Meals Notice
Download Special Education Parent Guide
Folder Calendar (2 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Academic Calendar
Download 2017-2018 Academic Calendar
Folder School Supplies (1 Files)
Download Elementary_School_Supply_List.pdf
Folder Enrollment (5 Files)
Download Enrollment Form
Download Proof of Residency
Download Emergency Sheet
Download Kindergarten Screening
Download Sports Athletic Physical Form
Folder Technology (2 Files)
Download 2012-15 Technology Plan
Download Acceptable Use Policy
Folder 2016-2017 High School Student Handbook (1 Files)
Download 2016-2017_HS_Planner_Edit.pdf
Folder 2016-2017 Elementary Student Handbook (1 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Elementary Student Handbook